I like food. I mean, I really, really like food. I can remember taking Jiffy cornbread to school in 3rd grade for show-and-tell. Who does that? Yep, me. By the time I was in middle school, I could cook dinner for the whole family. And I did often – lasagna was (and still is) a specialty. So by the time I left for college, I could hold my own more than most 18-year-old guys.

I was a bachelor until age 35. And over the years, I’ve worked in some fantastic restaurants with great chefs. They exposed me to a whole new level of food – ingredients and cuisines. So what I would learn at work, I often tried to duplicate at home. I also went through seasons of eating different diets – from vegan to low-carb.

Long story short… I’ve learned a lot over the years. And now, my wife and children get to reap the benefits. I’m always trying new things in the kitchen; techniques I’ve more than likely learned on YouTube. Hey, don’t knock it.

This Blog

On this site, I intend to share all kinds of stuff – from the super simple to the super fancy. Because let’s face it… The foodie eats comfort food too. I will review recipes, share original recipes, give tips on methods, etc.

Dinner Parties

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